4 questions to ask before buying an RV

You are a road trip enthusiast, and you have decided to upgrade your travel experience by buying an RV trailer. Unfortunately, you know little about buying or even owning one because all along you have been renting one. Before you commit to buying one, here are some few questions you should ask yourself.


1. Who is the actual owner?

Always insist on meeting the owner. Most RV trailers are sold by RV dealers; while they can offer you a good deal, it is not like dealing with the owner – click here to get an understanding of the difference. The dealer will be interested in making a profit out of the sale; the owner, on the other hand, can give you a better deal and give you a history of the trailer.


2. How about the maintenance records 

These are the Holy Grail of buying the trailer. From the records, you can tell if the RV has any underlying problems that the dealer has not disclosed yet. Since RV owners are enthusiasts, they have meticulously documented records. You can tell if the previous owner is careful enough to replace, fix and even service it when needed to. If the records are up to date, accurate, and well-kept then you can have the confidence that the trailer is well maintained.


test drive
3. Is a test drive on the table?

If the owner or the dealer does not allow you to take it for a test drive, then do not even bother. That should be a major red flag; there is something they do not want you to discover. If they allow you to, learn how it handles certain speeds, breaking system, swerving. Does it feel too big for you? Can you adjust to it? Does it get too hot, or does it whine a lot in protest over hills? If the answers to these specific questions are satisfactory to you, you can proceed to the buying phase.


4. Can you get it inspected?

An RV for sale might not have gone for inspection for some time. Having the rig inspected can save you a lot of time and agony. It can cost you a little under $200, but it is worth every penny. If the RV passes a third party inspection, then it is a good sign that you should move to the negotiating phase. If on the other hand the owner or dealer denies your request to inspect it, I would advise that you look for another trailer to buy.


Buying a used RV is harder than you might have imagined. It involves several quality checks which are worth your time for your peace of mind. You do not want to buy an RV trailer only to have it stall on you after a month. Since most RV sales are made by dealers so be weary of their sweet language. Use these four questions and visit Lovesick Lake RV Sales; you will have an easy time buying.

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5 Perks of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Once you’ve chosen to rent a furnished apartment, you have two main options: renting from a person, and renting from a company. Your first instinct might be to rent directly from a condo owner, and this can frequently save you a significant chunk of money, but there are several advantages to choosing a company instead.

Here are the five biggest advantages to renting from a company:

1. Location

You might be able to find a condo owner renting out a furnished place in the neighbourhood you want, but a company can offer you many location options. If they don’t have a property available in your top neighbourhood, they’ll have the expertise to point you towards similar neighbourhoods in the city of your choice.

A rental company representative can also give you a better idea of amenities in the neighbourhoods you’re considering, helping you make an informed decision.

2. Transparency

Often when you’re renting a furnished apartment you don’t have a chance to actually visit the location before you move in. This makes it incredibly important to rent your apartment from a credible source.

An individual landlord has a lot of leeway in how they represent themselves, but a rental company is constantly under the public eye. They can’t risk having their name dragged through the mud, so they offer a consistent level of quality and service across all of their apartments. You’re also more likely to find reviews from previous customers for an actual rental company.

3. Consistency in service

This is mentioned above, but it’s important enough to get its own section. A rental company will have a standard list of amenities found in all their apartments. Many rental companies also offer deluxe packages with extra amenities.

Most companies offer a basic package that includes high speed internet, direct dial, international calling, and voice mail. These packages can be difficult for individuals to provide due to billing issues.

4. Payment options

Any rental company worth its salt will be able to accept all major credit cards, but setting up these payment options is difficult for the individual condo owner. Many individuals can only accept Paypal, e-Transfers, or cheques.

This is particularly detrimental when you’re making an advance payment/deposit on the apartment, as you may have to mail the owner a cheque. Then you have to wait for it to arrive and then clear in the owner’s account. Sometimes owners get a better offer during this time, and it’s fairly common to get your payment back with an apology note. A company, on the other hand, processes your payment right away and 100% guarantees your apartment.

5. Avoid day to day problems

Even the nicest apartment isn’t perfect, and breakdowns happen. It’s your landlord’s responsibility to fix most of these problems, but an individual owner can’t always deal with these problems in a timely fashion. Most also only rent one unit, and therefore can’t offer you another place to stay in case of a major breakdown.

Companies, on the other hand, have employees dedicated to fixing their rental units, and a variety of other units to offer in case something major happens. For additional resources, visit Premiere Suites.

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